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Sometimes its nice to sit back and watch something. Here's a bunch of places to find videos about Go.


Go beyond the Go tutorials.

Blue Bot

I create things with code, trying to share what I have learned while doing so :)

Failing Forward

Go is a programming language that strives to enable applications to be written in a simple, straight forward manner. It uses a relatively small number of key...

Filippo Valsorda

Livecoding Cryptopals in Go

Games With Go

A live streamed video series where we will learn programming by making a series of small games.

Go In 5 Minutes

This channel has weekly 5 Minute Screencasts that each contain a focused, self contained tip, best practice or pattern related to programming with the Go pro...


Tagged conference talks for Gophers


Coding exercises for budding gophers

Jon Calhoun

Learn algorithms and web development with Go

JustForFunc: Programming in Go

Series of talk recordings and screencasts mainly about Go and the Google Cloud Platform Contents: - Go Programming Language - Google Cloud Platform

Ryan Cox

Seattle Go Meetup Talks

The Go Programming Language

Videos about working with the Go Programming Language.

package main

Hi, my name is Alex Pliutau, I write mostly Go these days. And I love to share what I’m doing. If you have something to ask, do not hesitate to send me a mes...

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